We will fight and drive Nana Akua Addo away from us – Bibi Bright vows

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Entertainment of Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Source: zionfelix.net


Nana Akua Addo Bibi Bright NewBibi and Nana Akua Addo

Actress Bibi Bright who went haywire on instagram days ago has vowed not to allow Nana Akua Addo to divide moviemakers in Ghana anymore.

She made the solemn promise after Selly Galley and Zynnell Zuh also went hard on Nana Akua Addo on instagram days after she made several accusation against her.

The actress and movie producer in an instagram post said Ghanaian female celebrities are annoyed, unhappy and bored, especially with the negativity she has been spreading in recent times.

She added that they will join hands to fight her in order to allow them come together and develop the movie industry.

“We stayed quite when fake accounts attacked us.. We stayed quite when posts were made to tarnish our images with lies.. We stayed quite when we keep getting tagged and insulted for whatever reason…

Now we speak up on the SAME platform that was used to abuse us and we are wrong? We are jealous? we are envious? we are not matured? Social media has been a place for most of us to have our images tarnished and when we also use the same platform y’all come preaching to us to be matured and handle our issues privately? You live by the sword you die by the sword!!! No one will pick up the phone and call nana Akua Addo and say “hello, why are you bringing me down on Instagram!

We will stand where she stood and tell the whole world our sides of the story and face her!!! She is a bad nut amongst us and it’s time she left our midst cs she doesn’t nothing but tear us apart!!! Behind every successful woman is a tribe of woman who have her back! And nana Akua is no such woman…

We won’t take it anymore! We will stand together and drive her away from us! Together We are stronger than her! No more negativity! No more separating us!

We are sisters chasing our dreams and we will all make it together!! God be for us!! Who is she to stand against us? #WeWillAllMakeIt #WeAreStrongerTogether #SistersInTheGame #OneLove!”