Nana Akua Addo called me when I was emotionally devastated – Bibi Bright

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Entertainment of Tuesday, 25 October 2016



Nana Akua Bibi BrightBibi and Nana Akua Addo

“Nana Akua called me at one of my lowest point in life. This is four (4) years of my life building a relationship for marriage only to find out the man was my cousin,” Bibi Bright disclosed.

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has revealed her most painful moment of her life when she was shattered.

Speaking to Feeling Daddy on Empire Entertainment Review on Empire 102.7FM, Bibi confirmed that her colleague actress, Nana Akua Addo called her for the first time wanting to know how she (Bibi) is faring but she thought it was appropriate for her to disclose to her kind colleague (Nana Akua Addo) the trauma she’s been through after her four (4) years of building a relationship for marriage crushed when she realized her dream man was her cousin.

“I dated a guy for almost four years of my life and just when we were ready to get married he came home just to hear that he can’t marry me because we are related… have I done anything wrong. Is this anything that another human being should be mocking me about, is this thing anything another human should spread and make a laughing stock of my life,” She added.

She noted that her emotional life was shredded because she had already been through horrific moments in her past love life with other men so was looking forward for her colleague who showed concern for her to rather help her put herself together but to a certain extent her private life was made public by her colleague, Nana Akua Addo.

Meanwhile the movie star in a scathing Instagram post, referred to Nana Akua Addo as a ‘witch’ and ‘bitch’ who will do just about anything to be popular, and also accuses the latter of paying for awards.

Nana Akua Addo has been accused of creating confusion among follow actresses and used derogatory words on Ghanaian celebrities with her ‘fake’ social media account (Belly Blaze) but the former has remained silent over the alleged accusations.