Lifestyle: 7 Ways you could be hurting your vagina

Entertainment of Tuesday, 25 October 2016



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Being a woman is as equally great sometimes as it is painful, and no body part knows that to be more true then your vagina.

From periods to intercourse and even birthing a child, your vagina has seen it all. And just like every other part of your body, it’s important to take excellent care of your lady bits.

Part of doing so involved keeping your vagina out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, there are several ways you might be hurting your sweet spot without knowing it.

The good news is that with a little bit of effort, these seven habits are easy to break and you’ll be well on your way to having a happy and healthy vagina.

You’re wearing the wrong underwear. It’s fine to throw on a revealing thong or silk panties when you want to feel a little sexier, but for everyday use, nothing beats a pair of good ole cotton underwear. According to the Women’s Health Clinic, wearing cotton underwear (or at least something with a cotton lining) helps circulate air and prevent rubbing, keeping your nether regions dry and happy.

You’re using soap. The Women’s Health Clinic notes that douching can “upset the vagina’s natural balance and increase the risk of irritation,” which sounds super unpleasant if you ask me. Not to mention your vagina cleans itself by naturally producing good bacteria that helps wipe out the bad bacteria. Putting soap into your vagina only interferes with that process, so it’s best to give the feminine washes a break.

Your diet is a no-go. In an interview with Everyday Health, sex and relationship therapist Laura Berman noted the strong correlation between diet and vaginal health. “Incorporating certain foods into a balanced diet is one of the simplest ways not only to promote a strong reproductive system, but also to prevent a host of typical south-of-the-border woes,” she explained. Berman expanded on her point by noting that a diet high in healthy probiotics can help maintain your vagina’s healthy pH balance, while cranberry juice, leafy vegetables also aid in its health.

You’re not changing your tampon often enough. Though the exact amount of time varies, you should swap out your pad or tampon before it becomes soaked with blood during Mother Nature’s visit. The Office on Women’s Health suggests to changing your tampon or pad every four to eight hours depending on the heaviness of the flow. Not doing this can result in some pretty scary consequences, including infection and even toxic shock syndrome. So save yourself the worry and change that baby frequently.

You’re having unsafe sex. Before you hit the sheets, it’s important to keep proper hygiene in mind. Wash your hands before any hands-on foreplay and be sure to change condoms if switching between oral, anal and vaginal sex. Doing both of the things help prevent harmful bacteria from entering your vagina. Also, if you experience intense chaffing post-romp, you may want to add some lube to your routine and save yourself from the soreness.

You’re grooming too much. A study from University of Indiana reports that almost half of women remove their genital hair. While there are no serious health risks related to grooming your lady bits, it can cause irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. All no bueno. When maintaining down there it’s important to take proper precautions to avoid these common, uncomfortable situations like using high-quality tools and lot and lots of shaving cream/gel.

You’re wiping from back to front. I hope someone was kind enough to set you straight on wiping. But if they weren’t, here’s a refresher. Wiping from back to front transfers bacteria from your derriere into your vagina. Not an ideal situation. Save yourself from possible infections, and wipe from front to back.