7 worst traffic areas in Accra that we just can't escape

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Entertainment of Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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When you first arrive in Accra, one of the things you are hit with is the overwhelming traffic jams. Any resident of Accra will tell you that Accra is the haven for insane traffic. From the heartbreaking morning rush to the unbelievable hell that is the after-work drive.

However, as Accra is a large city, there are some areas that have traffic jams worse than others. These are the 7 worst traffic prone areas in Accra:

1. Tema Motorway. This like the worst place to be on your way to work especially on a Monday morning. The traffic is just absurd and there’s never a shortcut, which makes it even more infuriating.

2. Airport Junction. The after-work rush in this side of the city can make you suicidal. The blaring honks from other cars and the hawkers who won’t stop bothering you. It’s even worse when you are in a Trotro.

3. Lapaz-N1-Dzorwulu. This entire stretch is basically hell on earth and you can’t say otherwise. If you’ve ever been stuck in a 3-hour stand-still traffic on this stretch, the memory of it will definitely make you boil with rage.

4. Madina-Legon-Shiashie. Oh the rage. Commuters to work especially on Mondays and Wednesdays will tell you the kind of heart-attack you could get at the just the sight of the traffic on this route.

5. Novotel-Accra Tema Station-Accra central. The traffic on this route is enough to make you cry, especially if you’re going shopping on a Saturday. Go as early as possible.

6. Circle-Achimota-Dome. Just don’t use this route. Simple, just don’t. There’s a never a day you won’t get frustrated by the traffic here, whether morning or evening.

Which areas do you identify with? Got any areas of your own?