Chale Foundation Screens Special Students

The Team with some of the children after the exercise

Chale Foundation, a group of young professionals with the aim of giving back to society has organized a free medical screening exercise for students of the Dzorwulu Special School.

The medical screening sponsored by Speed Medical center and facilitated by Blooming Africa, a crowd funding agency offered general tests including sugar blood level, full blood count, malaria and eye tests to the students.

The staff of the school was also not left out as they partook in the health exercise to check their status in the various screening categories.

Dr. Nii Lante Heward Mills, Head of Partnership at Chale Foundation said the group was formed purposely to help the disabled, orphans and underprivileged in society, through donations and other activities.

He indicated that the group of four gentlemen and a lady initiates sustainable health interventions to institutions supporting deprived and disabled children.

“We do not donate and go but we make sure that every year we go back to review the progress and see how we can continue supporting them,” he said.

Dr. Heward Mill said the group chose the special school because of the subtle neglect the special children normally face in charity activities.

“We are here because of our collaboration with blooming Africa which has worked here and seen the health needs of the children,” Albert Acquah, a member of the group said.

Gift Nancy Hoega, pharmacists at Speed Medical centre sponsors of the event said the children were taken through both the invasive and non invasive medical screening being conducted by medical team from the centre.

She said after the screening the test results will be assessed and a report forwarded to Chale foundation and Blooming Africa to act upon.

“Their BP, height and weight are ok, just some slight cases of obesity were found in some of the children,” she said.

Edith Schandorf, Founder of Blooming Africa said the event was a solely funded project by Chale and Blooming and hoped subsequently it will escalate to into something bigger.

“The pun going forward is to be able to every year have a thing where we provide glasses and eye ware for the kids. We could actually do like a bank were we can collect glasses all year round for the children,” she said.

Mrs. Veronica Sackey, Head Mistress of the special school was grateful to Chale foundation and their team for choosing to help the student medically.

She noted that the screening especially the eye tests would go a long way to help the children who may be having undetected eye problems.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri