Woman Auctions Virginity For £300k After Family Loses Everything In Fire

A 20-year-old US woman is auctioning off her virginity for over £300,000 after her family lost everything in a devastating house fire.

Katherine Stone, in a bid to sell her virginity, decided to move to a brothel last year, it was reported.

Katherine Stone virginity
Katherine Stone


Katherine told CNN: ‘People say you are supposed to do it for love. But if you think about it, I am doing it because I love my family.

Her family lost everything in 2014 after a fire broke out at their home in Seattle. They didn’t have any insurance to cover them.

It was after this that Katherine came across an ad on Facebook about the brothel and the money she could make.

She said: ‘It made me think, “Wow, it’s a chance at fixing all that I need to fix.” I have the right to choose what I do with my body. And in this troubling economy, do you blame me?

She then contacted the brothel’s owner, Dennis Hof, who accepted the deal which involves him getting half of the bid.

He also told CNN: ‘It is her choice. I don’t think it is a good idea for a girl to drink six tequilas and lose her virginity on the bathroom floor in a frat house. If she wants to [sell] it, I think that’s great.’

Katherine is yet to take an offer, with the bid for her virginity at more than $400,000. She is said to be just offering non-intercourse services at the brothel at the moment.

She says she plans to go to law school in the future, and is waiting for a man with who she feels she has a ‘connection’.