PPP fingers Mahama in Nduom’s probe

Nduom and Mahama in a chat

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is alleging President John Mahama is behind the Economic and Organised Crimes Office’s (EOCO) probe of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom.

The probe, according to the party, was initiated by the presidency to embarrass its standard bearer because the president sees him as a “threat” to his re-election bid in the forthcoming presidential race on December 7.

EOCO, according to the Daily Graphic, sent letters to the standard bearers of the PPP and the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Nduom and Dr. Hassan Ayariga respectively, giving them up to Wednesday, October 26, to explain the source of funding of aspects of their political campaigns.

EOCO, in the said letter, is demanding Dr. Nduom to explain to it the source of the over GHc1.7million he used to pay for his filing fees and of his parliamentary candidates.

Again, EOCO, stated in the letter to Ayariga that it was interested in his claims that he expended over $6 million to procure vehicles among others. Ayariga made this revelation on Starr Chat on Starr103.5FM recently.

Speaking on Morning Starr Monday, the Director of Communications of the PPP, Paa Kow Ackon, alleged that Mahama sanctioned the said probe by the EOCO.

He said because Dr. Nduom’s political involvement has benefited so many people, he is being seen as a danger to Mahama’s re-election hence “old school Machiavellian tactics” are being used to discourage him.

He said there was a precedence and that he was staggered that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was never learning and “always hiding behind state institutions to deal with people.”

“I am surprised that president Mahama is so quiet about the injustice going on in this country. I am very, very surprised. We can’t have such a leader, leading us in the next four years. We cannot and we should not because he is so quiet.

“So quiet about the issues going on in this country, rather deciding to travel on the part of triviality. This is the time you must show leadership. A leader must not sit down for evil to triumph,” Mr. Ackon told Nii Arday Clegg Snr. host of Morning Starr on Starr103.5FM.

“If he is not behind these things, then he must speak out now or forever remain silent,” he added.

Asked by Clegg Snr. that: “So you are saying if the president doesn’t come out to speak, then he is complicit in this?”

“Precisely the point,” retorted Mr. Ackon, asking “who gives authorization to such state institutions to act. Who does that?’”

The probe, he stated is saddening, shameful and frustrating, pledging that the PPP will fight it.

Source: Ghana/StarrFMonline.com/Starr103.5FM/Mohammed Awal

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