NPP Tamale Central parliamentary candidate promises transparency

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s Parliamentary candidate for Tamale central, Dr. Barhama Ibrahim Anyass has promised to deepen social auditing and accountability when elected as the Member of Parliament.

He demonstrated this by subjecting himself to scrutiny at a media encounter with some Journalists in Tamale.

Dr. Barhama Ibrahim Anyass assured the constituents of Tamale central that he would be in constant touch with them 24/7 should they elect him as their next MP.


“As a Member of Parliament for the first time in the history of Tamale central there shall be a properly designated office called the office of the Member of Parliament for Tamale central and you can walk in there without worrying about walking into a party office that is not that your political party and that will be done within my first year in office.

His ultimate aim, he said is to improve accessibility to quality education, sanitation, agriculture, water and health services in the Tamale central constituency.

“In the next four years I would be talking to you after the election is the fact that I would have provided early childhood facilities for each electoral area within the Tamale central and so every electoral area is going to have a free family day care centre under my leadership as Member of Parliament for Tamale central.”

“Every electoral area within Tamale central will stand to benefit from having a free family day care centre and the provision would not be for only NPP members.”


On vocational educational education, he stated, “I intend to establish a very modern education institute to provide skills training and jobs for all the young people within Tamale central.”

He reiterated his promise to put up a scholarship fund to support needy but brilliant pupils in the Tamale central constituency.

“I will lobby both local and international NGOs to support needy but brilliant pupils in Tamale central.”

Dr. Barhama also pledged to establish a Business Advisory and Consultancy Centre to cater for loan facilities needed to boost the economic activities of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises operating in Tamale central.

“The major pillar to our economic activities within the Tamale Metropolis has to do with retail and wholesale trade and so there shall be a Business Advisory and Consultancy Centre to deal with issues having to do with loans and credit facilities for all businesses.”

Dr. Barhama pledged to revamp the agriculture as means of boosting food security and jobs creation.

“As a Member of Parliament for Tamale central under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo I believe that Tamale is going to see an upgrade and a transformation that has never happened in the history of Tamale, ever and one thing that is going to make this a reality is the attention that is going to be paid to agriculture.”

“One district one factory, one village one dam, a million Dollar one constituency and I believe that the funds already exist to make sure that I am able to partner Nana Akufo Addo to bring the relevant industries in Tamale that will support agriculture and the marketing of our produce.”

He promised to create Information, Communication and Technology centers to augment ICT education.

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/