Poetra Asantewa – From networking and systems administrator to poetry

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Entertainment of Friday, 21 October 2016

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P AsantewaPoetra Asantewa

Once a networking and systems administrator, Ama Asantewa Diaka, also known as Poetra Asantewa is a writer, spoken word artist, content creator & a designer. Legitimate love-child of creativity and flair, creative director of Yobbings & Alikoto Clothing, Poetra is known for captivating audiences with her poetry.

Asantewa is a spoken word artist who has been on several media platforms, TV3, Viasat, the KSM show, GTV, Vlisco Women’s month, and several others. Asantewa released her spoken word EP “Motherfuckitude: The Naked Ones” in October 2015 which was a huge success and remains one of the talked about projects from a budding artist.

Many know her for her poetry, but very few know she’s a song bird aside her other talents. She seamlessly fuses poetry with singing on her EP and does same on her two singles – “Love Yourself”, a self-love promoting piece which is very much needed in an era where loving who you are has become revolutionary.

Her latest work “Vote for me” is a powerful social commentary on the state of politics as well as the voting populace in general. The work feature Akan. She is currently a 2016 OneBeat fellow, touring the United States with 24 other musicians.

Poetra Asantewa is one artist to look out for.