Adupashh advises Musiga and others

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Entertainment of Friday, 21 October 2016

Source: flex newspaper


Adu PashAdupash

Although there is the belief that the Ghana Music Rights Association (GHAMRO) and the Musician Association of Ghana (MUSIGA), are taking some good measures in seeing to the growth of the Ghanaian music industry, musician Adu Pashhur Kwesi better known as Adupashh would want to add a voice to their improvement.

Having been in the industry for quite a while now, it has come to the notice of the musician that, if there was a set up by these two bodies to create a national DJs’ association, the promotion of strict Ghanaian music will be a no difficult thing to do.

Adupashh is driving on this path after he realized the Ghanaian music industry is gradually collapsing thereby discouraging some up and coming talents but if MUSIGA and GHAMRO could collaborate with the DJs in setting up his suggested national DJs association, it will help soften the hustle of every Ghanaian musician.

This National DJs Association according to him will help save stress of artistes who litter around in search of DJs to just walk straight into the offices of the association to hand over their musical works after it’s done and it will just be a token paid instead of sorting out all these DJs for a simple airplay.

He continued that, the association will as well relieve the pain GHAMRO has to go through in view of compassing money for musicians by just going to the board to find out what has been the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of music played to conduct money shared safely. Monies accumulated and a little pay off from gigs of artistes could be set aside for the promotion of songs by the association both locally and internationally.

Adupashh added that, the association can even help make the Ghana music awards more interesting as DJs will be able to identify which songs were able to make waves in the year under review. Adupashh is currently promoting his new highlife singles titled Like a Medicine featuring Cholly and Siesiemu Ama featuring Bullet. Follow him on Facebook Adupashh and twitter Adupashh Music.