Bibi Bright vrs Nana Akua Addo's diatribe: Who let the dogs out?

Entertainment of Thursday, 20 October 2016

Source: Kojo E. Smith


Bibi Bright Nana Akua AddoBibi and Nana Akua Addo

I am not a big fan of Ghanaian movies, but because of my profession, mandatorily I follow the issues that take center-stage in the industry.

Sincerely I am yet to watch a film by Bibi Bright, and same can be said about Nana Akua Addo also except for their occasional red-carpet smackdowns and self-generated controversies and photo shoots.

However, having put my Kisma to sleep yesterday after some two hours of negotiation, I chanced upon the most trending issue on social media at the time- Bibi Bright fights Akua Addo.

I first must say that a lot of the time people who come out to say this person said this and that, are those to be feared the most, especially when they want you to feel they are fighting for you.

Not to bore you with the details which is all over the place, I want to know if Bibi Bright is telling us that after hearing all these things said about other people (she also calls friends) to her by Nana Akua, she never bothered to let them know until last night when ‘the snake’ bit herself.

That does not sound like a good friend to me at all because you’ve heard all these damaging things and have kept mute while smiling with the people as if nothing ever happened, but now that it affects your life, you want all those people to believe you are fighting a good cause by washing their dirty stuff in public thinking you are fighting some good fight.

You equally stand accused because the whole world is hearing all these things from you and not Akua. I want to ask rhetorically if Bibi Bright knows the damage she has done and is doing to all those she spilt on them and is blaming Nana Akua Addo for or she still selfishly thinks she is doing them well.

At least your outbursts have only confirmed that you all have been buying awards and should never be celebrated. You have also, knowingly or unknowingly, soiled the reputation of the Glitz brand that has been able to win the respect of many industry stakeholders and the likes with their consistency.

Things we now from: •Shyngle’s body is fake •Becca prostitutes with Nigerian men •Kiki Banson was not man enough to satisfy Becca sexually •Ghanaian actresses buy awards •Actresses have become stuntmen for publicity •Glitz Award is a fraud •Bibi Bright is not matured •Celebrated slots in Ghana’s movie industry This merely confirms my long-held view that there are a few celebrities in Ghana but these – Nana Akua Addo and Bibi Bright- are not yet in that class.