Terkper meets Parliament over advance 2017 expenditure

The Finance Minister, Seth Terkper is currently engaged in a meeting with Parliament’s Committee on Finance over the Advanced Appropriation Bill presented to Parliament a while ago.

Contrary to the expectations of many, Mr. Terkper did not present the details on the floor of the House as the Bill was referred to the Finance Committee for discussion.

But a former Majority Leader in Parliament, Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor explained to Citi News’ Richard Dela Sky, the turn of events is acceptable as the Finance Minister is just giving projections not to be accompanied by policies.

“It is routine, just that the times keep changing and that is why people must take into account. When asking for something on account, there are so many ways you can go by it… For this cycle in particular, a number of things that have been done in Parliament based on the fluctuation in the oil prices in which major policy shifts had to take place in terms of readjustment of revenues,” he observed.

Dr. Kumbuor, like many others could not tell how much Seth Terkper is likely to be seeking from Parliament.

He however assured that the figure would be available when the Finance Committee carries on with the deliberations and subsequently relays the information to other members of the House.

Information gathered by Citi Business News however indicates that the document will mostly capture funding for recurrent expenditure such as payment of salaries, payment allowances, as well as payment of interest on loans within the period.

The Bill is expected to come before the floor of the House after the deliberations by the Finance Committee.

By: Pius Amihere Eduku/Lawrence Segbefia/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana