No president will put money in your pocket – Mahama

President John Mahama has said that his government enabling Ghanaians acquire skills that guarantee their employment to create wealth.

According to him, government cannot “put money in their pocket” but can only create the atmosphere for them to make money.

Speaking at a political rally in the Hohoe constituency as part of his Volta Regional tour on Wednesday, President Mahama said, citizens must work for their money rather than expect government to do that for them.

“No president is going to come to Ghana one day and line all our people up and say everybody come and get it, here is free money. It will never happen. The only way you can put money in your pocket is to work for it,” he said.

“Even the Bible says so…God told us, go into the world and work with your hands, go and labour and feed yourself that is what He said. And so the only way money can go into Citizen’s pocket is when they work for it and so government’s responsibility to make sure that we give our citizens the skills to work and to make money for themselves,” he added.

According to President Mahama, the focus of his government if given a second term to serve will be to skill acquisition and ensuring that the populace possess the needed skills to gain employment and create wealth for themselves.


‘I will put money in your pocket – Mahama’

The President’s recent statement contradicts one he made in February 2016 when he assured Ghanaians of a better economy that will have a positive impact in their pockets after he is given a second term.

Speaking at the Inauguration of a one of the Community Day Senior High Schools at Kwaobaah Nyanoa in the Eastern Region, Mahama argued that his first four years in office was spent on improving the social infrastructure of the country which has been in dire need of a face-lift for some time now.

He further explained that the development projects being delivered nationwide by his government will form the foundation for Ghana’s economic take off.

“We have spent these last four years investing in bringing the social infrastructure back to scratch and when I win the second term, then we will start putting money in your pocket. And I wish to pledge that we will continue working in the interest of the people of Ghana,” he said.


‘Akufo-Addo challenges Mahama’

President Mahama is seeking reelection to serve another 4-year term in the upcoming December general elections.

He is however facing stiff opposition from the Akufo-Addo-led New Patriotic Party (NPP) who have accused him of mismanaging the country’s economy and leading Ghanaians into untold hardship.


By: Jonas Nyabor/