Medeama not for sale – says Board

Soccer News of Thursday, 20 October 2016



Dr Tony Aubyn 2Board chairman of Medeama Sporting Club, Dr Tony Aubynn

The Board chairman of Medeama Sporting Club, Dr Tony Aubynn, says he has managed to convince the owner of the club, Moses Armah, against its sale.

The Medeama owner, it will be recalled in last Monday’s edition of the Graphic Sports, announced his decision to sell the club to an investor because he was tired.

Dr Aubynn said although he shared in the frustration of Mr Armah who was yet to recoup his massive financial investment in the club, selling the club would be tantamount to selling the soul of the people of the Western Region.

The CEO of the Minerals Commission told the Graphic Sports in an interview last Monday that he had had a chat with the Medeama owner and had suggested to him alternative ways of funding the club.

He said, “Medeama has been handled financially by one person, Mr Moses Armah, through his Mospacka Company. Of course, we have also sought sponsorship for the team. Gold Fields has been a key sponsor; as well as Nsuta Manganese and a few other sponsors.

“Somehow, Moses felt that his pocket was draining, especially because we went to Africa. You know, when you go to Africa and they say you are in the money zone, everybody thinks money is on your bed all the time so nobody even wants to come to you because you are getting money, but that is even the most expensive part of the business.

“You take a team of 30 to Algeria and back, then you are completely broke and you have to go back to your company. So, I think out of frustration he rightly was wondering whether he shouldn’t put it up for sale.

“Yesterday I was with him in Tarkwa and we agreed that we are not going to sell the team; we agreed that we have to look for alternative ways of maintaining Medeama because it has become the soul and the body of the Western Region when it comes to football.

He added that the Board had already begun strategising as to the ways to get the club back on its feet.

“It’s actually on its feet but this thinking that we want to sell it was a personal statement from him which I don’t think that he meant so much.

“Now in the Western Region, that is the only surviving Premier League team, with the very unfortunate exit of Hasaacas. So, Medema is not on sale; those who want to buy Medeama should wait. It is not on sale, that is the clarification that I want to give you”, he explained.