With Love From The Grave, a moving story of love after death

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Entertainment of Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Source: thenet.ng


Love GraveWith Love From The Grave

Imagine your dead spouse stalking you from the afterlife.

Tomilola Coco Adeyemo’s With Love, From The Grave is a short story about love that preserves even after death.

In the writer’s debut novel, available for purchase on NETShop, a man is convinced after his passing that his wife is responsible for his death.

So to confirm his suspicion, he stalks his widow from the afterlife. Whether he succeeds at confirming this or not makes up the subject matter of the book.

The book also explores the themes of love and what happens when it dies. What happens when love and revenge meet? What the one you love dies, how soon can you move on?