Lifestyle: 5 make-up fails that will make you look 10 years older

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Entertainment of Tuesday, 18 October 2016



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These are some of the errors in make-up you may have been making without knowing.

The manner and technique in which you apply your make-up can determine how great you will look or how terrible it might make you appear.

Here are some make-up mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making.

1. Putting on too much foundation

A foundation that’s too thick will settle into fine lines and lessen the glow from your skin.

Use foundation where you need it to even out discolouration. You don’t necessarily have to cover every inch of your skin.

2. When you over conceal your under-eye circles

A thick concealer that comes in a stick or pot will remove the shadows under your eyes, but it will also draw attention to the lines that usually show up in that area first.

3. Wearing dark coloured lipstick

As you get older, your lips get smaller. So when you apply dark coloured lipstick, it makes your lips appear even smaller and gives you an older look.

4. Using mascara on your lower eyelashes

Playing up your lower lashes can make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles.

5. Applying too much powder

When powder is applied in excess, it starts breaking when exposed to heat and that’s never a good look.