Ignore NPAs Comments – Fuel Prices Up – COPECGH

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPECGH) says it has taken note of a rather disingenuous untruth in a public statement suggesting that there have not been any increases in fuel prices.

COPECGH said a public statement it issued on Monday was categorical about increases in fuel prices at the local pumps.

Reacting to a comment by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), the chamber, in a statement signed by Duncan Amoah, Executive Secretary, said “fortunately for the consumer, most of the current adjustments have hovered between 3 and 6 percent, meaning we don’t get to pay the full haul, as some would have wanted to increase and that’s not only welcoming but very good coming from the industry that has the consumer’s sensitivity to prices and choice in mind.

“It cannot be correct or even close for the NPA to suggest fuel prices have not gone up, as has been vividly captured in their public statement published by Myjoyonline when it actually has gone up across a lot of the OMCs though some others are yet to do the adjustments.

“It is instructive to add that the market figures picked as of yesterday which indicated between 3 and 11 percent has so far been within the projections, as most who have increased have stayed within 3 to 6 percent so far.”

COPECGH therefore said to suggest blankly that prices have not been increased is not only dangerous and misleading but complete falsehood and should be deemed a public relations gimmick from a sleeping regulator.

For the benefit of doubt and for verification purposes, the following OMCs have already done significant upward adjustments since yesterday from the previous diesel levels of 3.60 to current quotes of 3.72, while petrol has shot up from previous levels of 3.610 to current levels of 3.750 for a good number of the OMCs.

The following stations can be immediately cross-checked for purposes of confirmation which leaves one wondering why the NPA will seek to go this low in the face of obvious evidence.

Prices are up at Lucky Oil, Petrosol Oil, Engen Oil Ghana, Total Ghana and Shell Ghana.

By Samuel Boadi

[email protected]