Do Ghanaian rappers make sense in their songs?

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Entertainment of Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Source: Daily Heritage


Sarkodie222File Photo: Sarkodie

The Main aim of most rappers is to come out with rhymes that will captivate fans, forgetting that they have a story to tell the public.

When the stories are about love, you hear rappers talking about money, cars and alcoholism. In fact, sometimes their lyrics do not make sense at all.

But, there are a few rappers known for good storylines in their music. They include;


In Sarkodie’s “Hand to mouth” track, he told a nice story with all the rhymes needed. Also, his “Elections Wahala” did not go off the storyline. He also did a nice story on “The Masses” and “Dumsor.”


Samini too has been so good ever since he started his music career; he is always on point and manages to deliver his songs beautifully without missing his storyline and rhymes.


Obour from day one has shown he is a good story teller and rhymes well too. Most of his songs tell a story and yet he manages to rhyme nicely without going off the storyline.

“Atentenben,” “Daye”, “Menwu biem” to “Obour,” all told nice stories without going off the storyline.


Okyeame Kwame, Obrafour, Reggie Rockstone, Asem, Flowking Stone and Captain Planet among others all deliver good stories in their music.