COP Kofi Boakye threatens to quits position as Ethics Committee Chairman

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Soccer News of Wednesday, 19 October 2016



DCOP Kofi Boakye Ashanti FfffDCOP Kofi Boakye

Chairman of the Ghana Football Association Ethics Committee, COP Kofi Boakye has threatened to quit his position if the FA does not allow the committee to work independently.

As it stands, the Ethics committee has no power and authority to punish culprits who bring the game into disrepute.

The commissioner of police is frustrated with the situation as the GFA has been noted for annulling decisions taken by the Ethics committee through the appeals committee.

Speaking to Patrick Osei Agyemang on Adom TV’s Fire for Fire, Kofi Boakye said, ‘’Yes… If the Ethics Committee continuous to be an advisory body then I would not wish to be a member. But if it is independent and can take decisions on our own which is not subject to any other decisions from other quarters then it will be a good committee to be on.” He said on Adom TV’s fire fire programme.

‘’I think it’s time to start doing the right things to help improve our football and stop the nepotism’’ He concluded.