Man Divorces Wife After Deceiving Him By Wearing Too Much Make-up

A man has divorced his wife after seeing her ”true face” without make-up days after getting married.

The 30-year-old unnamed Arab said he divorced his wife because he was “tricked by her artificial beauty”.

The National reported that the couple were on their honeymoon swimming at Al Mamzar Beach in Sharjah, UAE when the man saw his wife’s features drastically change after her make-up washed off in the sea, reported.

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Al Mamzar Beach

The man was also said to have discovered that his new wife undergone cosmetic operations and wore false eyelashes and coloured contact lenses.

The woman, who sought psychological counselling, said she was planning to tell her bridegroom but it was too late.

The husband could not be persuaded to reconsider the divorce, it was said.