My dad was my 1st role model – OJ

Entertainment of Monday, 17 October 2016



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Ghanaian gospel artiste and songwriter OJ has revealed that his late father was the inspiration behind his decision to pursue a career in music.

OJ, known in private life as Michael Oware Sakyi – and born to a guitarist father and a mother who was a singer at the Church of Pentecost – said he was faced with the difficult decision of choosing between becoming a musician, lawyer, and footballer growing up as a child, while his mother wanted him to become a teacher.

However, he said mails he received from his father, who was living in Nigeria at the time, with pictures of him posing with famous musicians from the West African country including Sonny Okosun – and the fame that came with it – helped him make up his mind.

“My first role model in life was my dad. He was my first role model in life. I was delighted seeing my father singing on TV with the cameras on him and all, so I saw it would be good for me to pursue a musical career,” he recounted to host Andy Favoured on Gospel 360 on Accra100.5FM Sunday October 16.

OJ, who is also a drummer, pianist, bass guitarist, and lead guitarist, said his love for music saw him playing the piano in church from as early as 1996. Further, he was a member of the cultural troupe in primary school, and had great interest in English Literature, poetry, and artistry.

The Fa Mpaebo singer is out with his fourth album, Onipa Hia Mmoa, which comprises eight tracks including Megyina Bepo Bi So, Woye Onyame, Menkaa Akyi, Emmere Bi Beba, and Gyae Su Ne Adwendwen.

His composition, May? S? Mo P?n, won Gospel Song of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) in 2014.

Other popular songs by OJ include ?te S?n, S? Me Bue, Obi Nya Wo Ay?, and K?so Na K?so.