Lifestyle: why is co-habitation the ‘ish’ and not marriage?

Entertainment of Sunday, 16 October 2016

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Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past and realizing people change.

The truth is, a lot people are going to hurt you so bad but it’s best to find the ones worth suffering for.

I’ve been in a relationship with a beautiful lady called Cece Newton for about 4 years and we do almost everything together except work. I love Cece so much that it makes me do things outside my comfort zone just to make her happy and my friends were beginning to suspect that she had “jujulized” me.

Did I forget to add that I was married then? Well… yeah I was. In fact, I had been with my wife Sherry close to 6 years and we have a lovely daughter together. I adore our daughter and I make sure I’m always there for her but truth was, I was not happy in my marriage and it wasn’t because of Cece, no! The unhappiness had already crept in before I met my Princess.

Let me tell you how we met 4 years ago. In a bid to escape my wife’s regular arguments and her repulsive attitude, I drove to Spintex for a friend’s house party. Everyone was hooked up at the party except me “the married one,” then lo and behold! I saw Cece standing by the pool. I thought to myself, “Well…she’s wearing no ring, she’s got a great body and she’s even smiling at me so why not talk to her?” I walked up to her and engaged her in a conversation. We shared a few drinks together and that seemed to be the beginning of Cece and myself.

Fast forward, I fell in love with her each passing day and always wanted to be by her side. I found no joy in going straight home after work knowing perfectly well what awaited me. I would pick Cece up after work, have diner and then make love to her before I went home and this became a daily routine. My wife killed our marriage with her unnecessary nags and arguments and I grew weary of them. On weekends, I would go out with Cece and my daughter to resorts and spend quality time. My daughter warmed up to her and always wanted to be with ‘mum Cee,’ as she called her.

My wife later found out about Cece and threatened to eliminate her if she continued her affair with me. But who cared? We were still going strong and had even gone ahead to rent an apartment together. My wife managed to drive me out of our home with her abusive nature and regular nags; at least I was gentleman enough not to have hit her. Now I literally live with Cece and truth be told, I have never been happier in a long while. Fortunately, my wife and I are legally separated; it wasn’t easy getting the paperwork done but she finally gave in anyway.

Before my wife and I got married, we were quite happy and I only discovered her other side after we tied the knot. I guess she thought that she now bore my name and she had the ring or maybe she thought that once we’re married there’ll be no way out.

What’s the point in staying married and unhappy when you can literally find happiness with someone without necessarily being tied down? To me, marriage is nothing but a deadly trap based on paper work which by the way is irrelevant; co-habitation is simply the key to happiness and I know my fellow men out there can testify to this fact.

Cece is now pressurizing me into marriage and I simply can’t give in to that. What if she begins to treat me the exact same way my wife did? What if she becomes soaked in the pride of marriage and walks all over me? I’ve seen it all; I had no problem with my wife till we tied the knot. I’d rather stay happy in a co-habitation kind of relationship than be unhappy in a well documented marriage.

So what’s your take on this? Would you prefer to be in a serious relationship where you get to live in the same apartment with your partner without all the marital tags but filled with happiness or be officially and properly married but unhappy?