Lifestyle: Not blessed with killer hips? Here’s how to naturally widen them

Entertainment of Sunday, 16 October 2016



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I sometimes want what I don’t naturally have, but I don’t think it means I have low self-esteem. I’ve always wished for a darker complexion, slightly bigger eyes and a protruding forehead to complement my looks.

Now, my craving has shifted to wider hips. Sounds funny, I know. I love myself, but I wish I could put on some weight around my hip area for a curvier look when I wear jeans.

The other day at the office I spoke about this desire of mine to increase my hip size. To my amusement, I discovered I wasn’t alone. It turns out the other ladies I work with crave the same thing. I’m sure most females who aren’t blessed with that curve secretly desire it. But is there a way to get those dangerous curves if the good Lord didn’t bless us with them?

I did a little searching and surfing, and lo and behold, I came across these great exercises that are supposed to add a little to the hips.

1. Lying hip abduction

Lie on your side in a straight line from head to toe. Be sure to maintain a small gap between your obliques and the floor. Don’t allow your torso to completely flatten. Move your top leg up and down at a 30 degree angle with your hand resting on your thigh. Once you get comfortable with that, try holding a dumbbell on your thigh to add resistance.

2. Hip abduction with rotation

In the same position, lie on your side and raise and lower your top leg at a 30 degree angle. The difference is, this time you want to rotate the hip and leg as you move it up and down. Again, do it without weight until it becomes too easy that you’re ready to add the resistance of a dumbbell.

3. Standing hip abduction

This time, stand and repeat exactly what you did while lying. Keep your upper body straight as you lift one leg at a time. Don’t lean or bend over in the process. Once you’re ready for the dumbbell, make sure you place it on your thigh where you feel it exerting maximum resistance.

4. Sumo and monster walk

Tie a stretch rope around your two feet. When getting started, use a light tension rope. Slightly bend at the knees. Walk sideways, stretching your feet and making sure you keep the tension in the rope. Take five steps to the right and then five to the left. This can be repeated a couple of times.

As you do this, you’ll feel the pressure in the muscles around your pelvis and buttocks. Do this for a month, by which time your body will have adjusted to what you’re doing. After a month, you can change from a light tension to a stronger tension rope. Just be sure not to rush it. Only move to the more advanced when you’re body is ready for it.

5. Monster walk

Still with the rope tied around your two feet, step forward and out with one foot, then do the same with other. It’s like walking in a stylish way.