Elephant Rescues ‘Drowning’ Man

A video of an Elephant rushing into water to save a man after spotting him in trouble has gone viral.

The footage shows Kham Lha, the youngest elephant at Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand,  leap to rescue a staff member of the park when she sees him apparently drowning in the water.

Kham Lha rushed into the water and caught up with Darrick when she spotted him ‘drowning’ in the river.

When she finally catches up with him, Darrick gives the massive mammal a big hug to express his gratitude for rescuing him.

Kham Lha was one of 19 elephants that the sanctuary rescued from the tourism industry in 2015.

At just four years old, she was made to undergo gruelling training at the hands of her captors.

Luckily, she’s now safe and sound, finally enjoying life at the Nature Park with other elephants.

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