2016 RTP awards ‘Promo’ has been Solid – Prince Mackay

Entertainment of Sunday, 16 October 2016

Source: ultimatefmonline.com


RTP AWARDS2File photo

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP) Prince Mackay has expressed appreciation to the various media organisations in the country for giving the event the needed publicity.

He remarked that this year’s promotion has been a top-notch; attributing it to the trust the media industry has reposed in organisers of the event.

Mr. Mackay expressed satisfaction that the enthusiasm is so high as compared to previous years, adding that the upcoming event has for the past two weeks been trending on social media.

The 6th edition of the annual awards comes off in October 22, 2016 at the Accra International Conference Center.

Speaking on Ultimate FM’s E-Review hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor, he remarked that the event since its launch has been the talk of town and that preparation so far has been good.

‘For the past weeks we have been working hard to make sure that promotions go well. By God’s grace, this year’s promotion has been a top-notch one, it’s like we have turned the gear on three times than the usual way of going about it. It’s been very strong on the traditional media, am talking about radio and television, it’s been so solid and strong, and that is basically because of the trust the industry has with regards to the awards. You understand the enthusiasm is so high and strong and on the social media for the past two weeks, we have been trending at number one position, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well, so it’s been good,’ he remarked.

The CEO of RTP expressed hope that protocol coordination of the event will be on point, thanking Ghanaians for supporting them all these years.

‘What is left is where we will have a beautiful protocol coordination and then a very good event on the night, I can say by God’s grace it’s been good,… it’s just unfortunate that when you start something Ghanaians are impatient to make it grow the way it has to be, but well now people understand that it’s the biggest thing ever. We thank God for such a grace,… it’s not been by the efforts of Big Events Ghana alone but the most of it all is by his grace,‘ he observed.