We make more money in comedy than you make in movies – Comedy King

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Entertainment of Friday, 14 October 2016

Source: thenet.ng


Alibaba 1Ali Baba says more money is made from stand-up comedy than from movies

Comedy king, Ali Baba has debunked speculations that comedians are increasingly involving themselves in Nigeria’s film-making because of the money to be made in the industry.

The comedian and businessman, who has been involved in Head Gone and the soon-to-premiere The Wedding Party, told TNS that money is not the drive for comedians to try their hands at acting and producing.

‘We can’t make money from movies. I need to correct that. We make more money from standup than you make from movies,’ he pointed out.

30 Days in Atlanta, a film produced by a stand-up comedian – AY Makun – comfortably holds the record of the highest grossing film in Nigeria. Ali Baba however says, despite that, money isn’t the motivation.

He continued, ‘I’ve played in about two movies and the time you spend in shooting a movie, three weeks at the minimum, you’ll make that same money they’ll pay you from that movie at a show. So what are we talking about?’

This post first appeared on TNS.