7 sure steps to having a great time at any Ghanaian market

Entertainment of Saturday, 15 October 2016

Source: yen.com.gh


Ghanaian Market NewlyFile Photo

Going to a Ghanaian market is not as simple as going to the park, it is more like being on the battlefield, where you have to kill or be killed (a little over exaggerated).

The traders are your opponents, the pedestrians are stumbling blocks and you have to make sure they don’t get in your way.

Here is how you can successfully survive going for shopping in a Ghanaian Market.

1. Strategize properly

Don’t just get up and walk into a Ghanaian market. You will look like you don’t know what you are about. Make sure you plan on the things you need and the places to go and get them.

2. Girdle your loins

This is not a fashion show, in fact, tighten your kaba, you must be ready for anything

3. Speak a local language

Please if you don’t know how to speak Twi or any other local language, just get out of there. Market women know how to spot ignorance and ignorance is when you come to a market speaking ‘lafa’. You will leave the market poor trust me.

4.Refine your bargaining skills

The market women are not your friends, the same way you want to save that’s the same way they also want to make money. Use this formula for a successful bargain. SP(Sellers price) divide it by 45% if she doesn’t agree meet her at 25%.

5. If she still doesn’t barge just leave

This not the time to beg. There are many birds in the sky. But if you have the money too, you can just give it to her

6. Make friends

Ok so I just contradicted myself by saying the market women are not your friends but keep your friends close and your enemies closer, if you have friends in the market it’s easy to get things at a cheaper price.

7. Open your eyes

Don’t go and do ‘too known’ in the market else they will cheat you. Open your eyes especially at the butcher (Ananse is even shy of them) they are very slick so try to be slick too.