Player exodus killing local league – Maxwell Konadu

Assistant coach of Ghana’s Black Stars, Maxwell Konadu, has stated that the state of the Ghana Premier League is deeply eroded by the mass exit of players.

Konadu, who started the remarkable story of  Ghana’s current Premiere League Champions, Wa All Stars, is regarded as one of the best football brains in Ghana.

The former Ghana international, is now the assistant coach of the Black Stars and also the head coach of the local of the Black Stars.

He is deeply concerned about the increasing rate of players leaving the local scene for greener pastures despite being half baked.

“There is a real concern where in Ghana, when you call a home based player to the national team today; tomorrow he goes abroad,” Konadu told the press in South Africa

“I don’t know if the FA can do something about it; it’s something that is not helping our domestic league. May be you people in South Africa can offer some good money so the players stay here.”

“But for us, we mostly depend on the foreign based players because of this issue.”

By: Rahman Osman/