Neighbours Discover Human Skeleton In Pastor’s Home In Ogun State [PHOTOS]

A human skeleton has been discovered in a clergyman’s home in Peace Land Estate, Akute, Ogun state.

The pastor’s home in Peace Land Estate, Akute, Ogun state (PHOTO: Daily Post)


The shocking discovery of the skeleton, believed to be of his late sister, was made my the man’s neighbours.

The unidentified pastor had been owing a year’s rent, and due to this, his Landlady identified as Iya Lati tried to evict him.

Iya Lati then stormed his apartment even after ignoring the pastor’s incessant pleas. She was accompanied by some persons reported to be residents of the area.

In the process of the man’s eviction, residents of the area stormed his home and made the gruesome discovery.

Neighbours leaving the pastors home (PHOTO: Daily Post)


The pastor confessed, claiming that the human remains was of his sister, Funmi, who was said to have gone missing mysteriously in 2010.

The skeleton found in the pastor’s home (PHOTO: Daily Post)


Reports say the said pastor has been arrested.

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