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Lifestyle: Dating a liar – Counsellor Adofoli


Entertainment of Friday, 14 October 2016

Source: Counselor Frank Adofoli


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A liar is a witty person, very creative with what they do; because for every single original lie they tell, they’ve got to tell twenty more to cover up.

Liars are thieves, they are cheats, they are dishonest. Entrusting your life with them is like signing a ‘hurt warrant’.

They paint to you the kind of future which doesn’t exist. They send you to a dreamland, where you live a life of fairytales. Because of their crafty nature, they are secretive, always hiding something, not straightforward, have excuses and never run out of stories. They are always busy working on the next version of lies until they catch fire. And that is the point when you get burnt with so much hurt that it leaves you with scars.

You are stuck in between “waiting for them to change” and “moving on”. If you choose to stay, they mostly don’t change, they just learn to get better at lying.

To you, love is total foolishness, because you are made to believe lies instead of truth. Love feels like pain, someone sends you up and leaves you to fall.

On the other hand, some people choose to leave and because of the scars from a previous relationship, they are careful and don’t want to get burnt twice by the same flame; they date with fear and insecurities. They transfer to their next relationship, the waste from past relationships.

In this course of dating, not every package that is wrapped with a wrapper is a gift, some are bombs. You need to know the holder of this gift before you go ahead to accept them.

Not every “I love you” means love; not every “I will marry you” leads to marriage; not every good looking person is a good person. You need to know who they live their lives for and how they treat people around. Be a friend, get to know them, fall in love with their fruit and not their leaves.

Fall in love with their character and not appearance. Lies are always sweet, too good to be true are always fake. Ask questions instead of just telling them about yourself. You don’t get to know people by what you tell them, but by what you ask them.

Before you accept anyone into your life, make sure they deserve such a position; make sure they merit it. Give them time to earn it. Your life is very important, your happiness means so much, don’t gamble with that.

Never settle with a liar no matter how long you have been with them or known them. Even a liar hates to be lied to how much more you? Why will you be okay with things they wouldn’t be okay with if it was done to them?

Liars are selfish; liars have no love, for love is selfless. A wonderful relationship is ahead, if you stick to a liar, you block your own blessings.

In conclusion “What matters most is loyalty. It’s better to be poor than to be a liar” – Proverbs 19:22 (CEV).

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