Lawra independent candidate asked to change his NDC colours

The Electoral Commission (EC), has asked the Independent Parliamentary aspirant in the Lawra constituency, Samson Abu, to change the colours he has been using on is campaign, because they are too similar to that of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Samson Abu, the incumbent MP for the area on the ticket of the NDC, left the party after his narrow defeat in the NDC primary where he lost to Bede Ziedeng by 14 votes.

In a letter signed by Upper West Regional EC  Director, Azu Bosco Anyigire, the EC explained to Samson Abu that the similarity of his colours to that of the NDC is in breach of the law.

“I humbly wish to inform you that your colours as an independent candidate are similar to that of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This is a breach of the law and I advise that you change your colours with immediate effect.”

“The Commission will apply all sanctions if you fail to comply,” the letter added.


Bede Ziedeng

Following Samson Abu’s defeat at the primary, his camp leveled allegations against Bede Ziedeng, accusing him of manipulating the voter’s register to his advantage.

Though Bede Ziedeng denied the accusations, attempts by the NDC hierarchy to mend the rift between the two proved futile, as Samson Abu eventually presented his nomination forms to EC to contest as an independent candidate.


Anthony Abayifaa Karbo

This turn of events has presented the New Patriotic Party (NPP) its best chance to win the seat with its aspirant for the area, Anthony Abayifaa Karbo, looking to take advantage of the the anticipated split votes between the Samson Abu and Bede Ziedeng.


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By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/