Samini is my all time crush – Irene Logan

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Entertainment of Thursday, 13 October 2016



Irene Logan Afro EditedIrene Logan

Eclectic songstress, Irene Logan, seems to be head over heels in love with MOBO award-winner, Emmanuel Andrew Samini. No two ways, no doubt, Samini is known to be the ladies’ man for years now.

The ‘Kabila’ hitmaker was on Joy FM and according to her, Samini is her all-time crush and that she can just imagine going down on Samini. Going down on someone basically is more or less having oral sex;- blow job of a sort.

Talking about her male crush, the ‘Conga hitmaker said, “Samini, Samini is my all-time crush. I just love him, his body, his look, his dreadlocks, his personality.”

Irene Logan also disclosed that she can just imagine going down on Samini with the wind blowing, she said, “Mehn, I can just imagine going down on him, and the wind just blowing my hair. Samini is a hottie, and I love him for real.” Irene Logan right there gushing over Samini.