Ayariga: I’m sorry for calling EC boss “stupid”

Hassan Ayariga

The presidential nominee of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has expressed remorse over his incendiary comments targeted at the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei.

Following his disqualification by the EC, Monday, he went haywire calling her as “stupid” and “foolish.”

But Speaking on Starr Chat Wednesday on Starr103.5FM, he said he was ashamed by his outburst and apologised. He said all he was trying to do was to protect his personality and integrity which were being desecrated by Mrs. Osei’s assertions that he was unable to provide the commission his residential address.

“That was what actually made me upset. That was an insult to me. That was the insult to me. Someone who has contested the elections in 2012, you sit in your office, you issued out documents to be filled, the person filled out all the documents without leaving a space by using your identification, the ID, you gave to me as a voter to fill my documents and you come round and tell the whole world that I was unable to show the location of my house,” he told the host Bola Ray.

“If you attack my personality, I will attack your integrity,” he added. That notwithstanding, he said he was a gentleman and that his attacks on the chairperson of the electoral managing body were uncalled for.

As a result, he said “I will definitely apologise to the EC [Mrs. Osei] for using that word because my mother brought me up in a certain manner and that day I went contrary to the teachings of my mother. So I’m very, very sorry.”

Source: Ghana/StarrFMonline.com/103.5FM/Mohammed Awal

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