Adjetey Anang partners 'PYDO School Tour' to educate school children

Entertainment of Thursday, 13 October 2016



Anang Pydo NewlyActor, Adjetey Anang with Augustina Dedo Didi Adjoka and pupils of La Wireless Cluster of Schools

Celebrated Ghanaian Actor, Adjetey Anang who is scheduled for a two day ‘PYDO School Tour’ led his team to educate the pupils on various sensitive subjects for day one.

The pupils and staff of the La Wireless Cluster of Schools had a wonderful time when the actor in a team of young energetic guys stormed the school and educated them.

Mr. Anang who was the main speaker delightedly took the pupils through various topics needed for the adolescent stage.

The topics which included stop unprotected sex and end teenage pregnancy was presented by the actor in a very interactive manner in that the pupils followed every bit of it.

The founder and director of PYDO, Partnering Youth Development Outreach, Augustina Dedo Didi Adjoka also took her turn to speak to the pupils on how to treat their menstruations, a topic most people shy from.

To make the subject worth talking about, she asked the class if anyone can come and demonstrate how a lady is suppose to wear the menstrual or sanitary pad. Though it was a combined class of both genders, everyone was keen to learn something.

A girl quickly raised her hand, came forward and demonstrated perfectly how the sanitary pad is being worn.

Mr. Anang came again to answer few question pertaining sexual roles in movies where he categorically told the pupils that, sexual roles in films are not real but technological tricks.

He finally entreated the pupils to take their studies seriously and keep away from deviant behaviours.

By the end of the first day tour at the La Wireless Cluster of school in the Labadi community, everyone was all over the actor for photography and phone number.

Adjetey Anang will be at the ST. Pauls JHS, La on Friday, 14th October, 2016 for the final ‘PYDO School Tour’

The ‘PYDO School Tour’ is being sponsored by Partnering Youth Development Outreach (PYDO), a nonprofit organization headquartered in Accra championing the course of female activism and youth development outreaches programs.