Some actors will remain unpopular even if they work with Oprah – Kofas

Entertainment of Tuesday, 11 October 2016



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Movie movie producer and director, Kofi Asamoah has defended the constant use of popular actors in Ghanaian movies.

Kofas as he is affectionately called in an interview with MzGee on Hitz FM explained that filmmakers shoot movies to make profit so they need casts who have commercial value. To him, movie is not all about performance of the actor but someone who will be able to sell the final product for the producer to make profit.

He said most directors look beyond how good an actor is when dispatching roles for a movie in order to generate profit for the investor.

“For every filmmaker, casting is not just about performance. For some directors, attitude is fundamental because if you have the best of talent and your attitude stinks then you lose it.

Do not forget that film is business so I will cast people who won’t only perform but will also give me some market value. That will give me the ability to make another film and that will also make more people watch my content.

It is good to cast somebody because you think they can perform but that is not all.

During casting we look at looks, physique. It is like television, not everybody who can speak good English can sit on TV and read the news, you must have an appealing presence. It is the nature of the job. Not everybody can do it.” the boss of Kofas Media narrated to MzGee.

He Added That Hollywood Uses Same Faces In Their Movies Instead Of Hunting For New Actors For Different Project.

“Even in Hollywood, the stars system works strongly. How many new faces has Hollywood brought for the last five or two years? We still get same old people who have been in the industry for the last ten years.”

The producer for AMakye & Dede and Kalybos in China movies opined that new characters are featured in movies always but they fail to shine because it is hard to make in in the movie industry.

“We use a lot of them everybody but it takes a lot of time for them to grow. I can mention a lot of them who have been in films for years till date but when they are walking in the malls very few people recognize them.

Some people do not have the grace to be popular even when you put them in Opera Winfrey movie”