Japanese Train Driver Apologises To Passengers For ‘Having Many Foreigners’ On Board

A Japanese train driver has put his company in trouble by making an apologetic in-train announcement to Japanese passengers for causing them ”discomfort” due to ”having many foreigners” on board.

This occurred Monday at around 11:30 am on a limited Nankai Electric Railway airport express bound for Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

Japanese Train Driver

The driver said in Japanese, “We have many foreigners on board today. We apologise for causing you inconveniences”.

A Japanese female passenger, who was present at the time of the announcement, made the case known to public after she inquired from a Nankai Electric Railway station staff member, shortly after she got off at Kansai Airport station, if the announcement was in line with the company’s policy.

The driver however, according to Nankai Electric Railway representatives, claimed he did not intend to make discriminatory comments, but made the announcement over concern of potential in-train trouble after he overheard a Japanese passenger saying he was “bothered because there were too many foreigners on board.”

The company later apologised for the incident, saying that “it is incorrect to distinguish between passengers (based on nationality),” adding that they have verbally reprimanded the driver.

Whether Japanese or foreign (nationals), the fact that they all are passengers doesn’t change. We will strive to prevent any similar occurrences in the future,” the company representatives said.