Bimbila mill operators to protest high electricity tariffs

Grinding mill operators at Bimbila in the Northern Region, have declared their intentions to embark on a strike to protest what they say is the high cost of electricity tariffs.

The strike if effected, will affect thousands of residents who rely on these centers in the food preparation process.


Citi News’ Aminu Alaabira Mohammed reported that “the mill operators are billed GHC 2,500 monthly,” adding that “failure to settle the bill also leads to a disconnection from the national grid.”


The secretary of the mill operators Association at Bimbilla, Iddrisu Blay, expressed concerns about the situation.


“We can’t pay for the bills we are charged…In a month you can make about 2,000GHC and the bill comes as high as 2,5000. In Bimbilla, it is not everyday or month that you will make that amount of money. The bill is very expensive and that is why we have closed our mills…This is not just happening to me.”


Another mill operator called for a reduction, saying “I want them to reduce the money being charged for  so that I can grind my items.”


By: Marian Ansah/