Surprise Excellence Awards Set to Honor Winner for Media and Communications

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Entertainment of Monday, 10 October 2016

Source: Patrick Fynn


7th May, 2016 saw the launch of the first category of the Surprise Awards for Excellence (SAE)

at the British Council, a high profiling event that hosted key figures to unveil the category for the


As a well-fashioned tool to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and institutions who are

making positive strides in various endeavors of life, SAE has announced its readiness to declare

the winner for the Media and Communications Award category.

In todays globalizing world where media plays an important role in providing information leading

to citizen enlightenment, organizers found it necessary to acknowledge a distinguished player

whose contribution to the media and communications sector has been outstanding.

Since awardees for the scheme are wholly determined by a jury, it is uncertain which media

personality will be honored. This has created an aura of suspense since its unveiling. It is

however made known that the individual must have has excelled in the profession and

spearheaded an initiative towards social change.

The distinctness of the scheme is in its surprise element wherein the deserving recipients are

honored at their place of work during working hours without their knowledge.

The awards scheme, which is the brainchild of GOA Group Limited is ripped into various

categories which includes entertainment and arts, education, industry, health and other

supplementary awards.

“SAE is the mother of all awards.

It is very worthwhile that we expose hardworking Ghanaians who are making good strides

without notice”, Gideon Adjei, CEO of the Group had said.