Learn how to talk – GMB contestant slams Ekow Micah

Entertainment of Monday, 10 October 2016

Source: Abrantepa.com


Lamisi NaturalLamisi

1st runner up of Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2009, Lamisi Sam Awinongya has expressed displeasure about an alleged comment by musician Ekow Micah which more or less labelled contestants of the pageant as prostitutes.

Ekow Micah is reported to have described Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant as ‘Ghana’s Most Prostitute’ on Accra based Hitz FM.

He is said to have accused the pageant of grooming European ladies with weaves, eye lashes, lipsticks and makeup instead of championing natural African beauty.

Moments after Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah, Chief Executive Officer of EoD Partners Inc. posted the said comments on his timeline, Lamisi indicated that the statement from Ekow Micah was distasteful.

“That is just below the belt. I am a Ghana’s most beautiful and I am not a prostitute. If his definition of a prostitute is someone who has what he mentioned on, then I guess 80% of ladies are “prostitutes”.

I rocked my natural hair on GMB but that doesn’t mean my past sisters and those still in the contest with weave on are. Is he saying none of his female friends or family members has never had such on? If his answer is yes, then cool for him but if is no, then I am sorry to say, he has no right to say such since he dines with such ladies. If he has his ideas, he should come out and say it than use such a word for us. I wish him well on his way home and he should close his eyes since he will be meeting more “prostitutes” on his way. Sometimes we just need to learn how to talk. Go to Tv3 and put your ideas on but don’t sit there and spit on anyone. Talk is indeed cheap,” her comment read.

Ghana’s Most Beautiful has been one of TV3’s most successful reality shows. The show brings together ten ladies, one from each region to talk about the history, the culture and geography of their respective regions.

Lamisi was handed the 2009 Ghana’s Most Beautiful crown when Nasara, winner of the contest was stripped of the title following reports that she was allegedly involved in a phone theft in the UK.