The ‘fruity race’ to the Flagstaff House

The publication of a photo of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) flag bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, sipping Kalyppo fruit juice on social media has sparked the lighter side of the race to the Flagstaff House.

That photo sparked a craze on social media, with a number of selfie lovers taking pictures of themselves sipping different flavours of Kalyppo and sharing the photos on social media platforms.

Many top politicians from the NPP, including Nana Akufo-Addo’s running mate, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia; his wife Samira; the acting National Chairman, Mr Freddy Blay; the National Organiser and acting General Secretary, Mr John Boadu; a Deputy Communications Director, Mr Anthony Karbo; the Northern Regional Chairman, Mr Bugri Naabu, and many other Ghanaians and celebrities have all joined in the fun and shared their own pictures on social media.

Ivor’s coconut

The presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP),  Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, somehow responded to the Kalyppo craze by posting a picture of himself drinking coconut water by the road side.

Arguing that coconut was better, he added the hashtag #Coconutisbetter to the Facebook post. 

In the picture, Mr Greenstreet has stopped by a pull cart coconut seller and is seen lips deep into the fruit.

Supporting his flag bearer’s post, the CPP’s James Kwabena Bomfeh responded with a post on Facebook: “Nature and natural things always offer us the best….. We need to care for our environment and ensure that we get the best from what the Good Lord has endowed us……. Get Kube! Get Coconut! Go Ghana, Go Green! Go Greenstreet!!!!”

NDC responds

Responding to the ‘fruity race’, a presidential staffer, Mr Kojo Adu Asare, in a radio interview, said the NPP “will ride on the crest wave of anything, no matter how flimsy it may be, to advance its power-seeking quest”. 

Speaking to the Accra-based radio station, Class FM, Mr Adu Asare said: “The NPP is latching onto flimsy stuff, lightweight issues – Kalyppo – that’s what I’m saying” to campaign for the December 7 polls.


In a rebuttal, however, the Communications Director of the NPP, Nana Akomea, said he was “surprised” at how drinking Kalyppo à la Akufo-Addo had become en vogue and created a firestorm on social media.

He said the Kalyppo blitz had nothing to do with the product but more to do with the personality of Nana Addo. 

“It shows you that these people are giants. I’m sure if President Mahama, too, was sucking on some coconut juice, his followers will do same. For me, this election is about the two personalities,” he said.

Demand for Kalyppo

The demand for the Kalyppo drink has since shot up this week. 

When a team from the Daily Graphic visited a provisions retailer at Adabraka on Friday afternoon, she had run out of stock.

Oblivious of the reasons behind the increased demand, she sought an explanation from the Daily Graphic team.

Prez Mahama sips pineapple juice

In 2012, President John Mahama was also photographed sipping fresh pineapple juice in a fashionable style.

The image generated a debate, from which some argued that the manner in which the President sipped the juice portrayed he was a young leader and was in tune with modern trends.