Man Hacks Into Giant Billboard To Stream P0*n While In Traffic

Indonesian Police have arrested a 29-year-old man who hacked into a billboard so he could watch P0*n while stuck in traffic.

The man was reported to have played five minutes of a Japanese P0*n flick called “Watch Tokyo Hot” in a busy high traffic area.

Several images of the event hit social media before authorities could shut off power to the screens.


Police say the perpetrator is a an Information Technology analyst who was tracked down and arrested at his company’s office.

They say he confessed to stealing the login and password of the giant video billboard, and he actually played the movie from a website.

The suspect claims he didn’t mean to play the dirty movie on the video board, but cops say parts of his story just doesn’t add up.

They also say there could be others involved.

The alleged hacker faces up to six years in prison under the Electronic Transaction Law or twelve years under the p****graphy Law.

Access to p****graphy is banned in Indonesia.