Miners Invade Upper Wasa Forest

Huge excavators of the Chinese nationals which is being used to mine for gold in the Upper Wasa Forest

The Upper Wasa Forest, which is located at Sraha in the Amenfi Central District of the Western Region, is said to be under serious threat because of the nefarious activities of some Chinese illegal miners who have invaded the forest to mine gold.

The illegal miners, who have reportedly entered the forest with excavators, are said to be enjoying the support of a stalwart of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the town, the Diaso District Chief Executive (DCE) and some chiefs.

The miners have started cutting down huge trees indiscriminately to mine gold to enrich themselves without considering the repercussions of their action on the local people.

Virtually all water bodies in the community have their source from the forest so the activities of the illegal miners in the forest pose great danger to people in the area.

Concerned indigenes, who are aware of the implications of their nefarious activities on the environment, have strongly kicked against the move to turn the forest into a mining site.

Spokesperson of the aggrieved people, Sam Yeboah, stated that virtually all the river bodies in the community have their source in the forest which is just three kilometers from Sraha.

According to him, if the Chinese miners are allowed to cut the big trees with impunity and mine for gold from the forest, there is the possibility that people living close to the forest would be endangered.

Mr. Yeboah said the local people would soon struggle to get potable water to drink due to the pollution of the water bodies, adding that the felling of trees would also degrade the environment.

If the rich forest is turned into a desert because of the activities of the Chinese, Sraha would become prone to natural disasters, he warned.

Mr. Yeboah, who was peeved, appealed passionately to the relevant authorities, especially traditional leaders and the government to quickly intervene to preserve Upper Wasa Forest for unborn generations.

From I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi