Man Shares Video Eating Wife’s Placenta With Breakfast

A British man recently posted a video of himself eating his wife’s cooked and raw placenta with breakfast.

Ross Watson‘s video sharing knowledge of the taste of human placenta has gone viral.

On September 24, the proud father of a baby boy named Lachlan posted the video – declaring placenta as “definitely better cooked.” He even takes a few forkfuls of beans to make it go down easier.

Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating,” he says. “Cheers.”

Watson said in an interview with This Morning show that the proposed stunt began as a “laugh” but he followed through.

According to him, the placenta was juicy once it was cooked and was similar to liver with more of a rough texture.

In regards to the flavour, he compared it to “possibly a bad cut of pork.”

His wife Heather said she was “disgusted at first but it’s just Ross.”