Ghanaian Football Coach Says Players Fail Because They’re Having Too Much s*x

A former Ghanaian football international who is now a football coach, Malik Jabir has expressed concern over the state of football in his country. He has lamented the poor performance of Ghana’s national teams over the years and attributed it to the fact that the players are having too much s*x!

Ghanaian Football Association
Ghana Football Association.

He cited excessive s*xual activity as the reason many players do not have the stamina and also why they’re hardly ever able to play 90 minutes of football without getting wound up.

In his own words;

“A lot of today’s players cannot play 90 minutes because they get so tired easily. And you know why? Because they don’t sleep enough and don’t train enough and they engage in too much s*x. There are beautiful young girls in Ghana and they won’t leave them alone.” Jabir said when speaking to a national radio station.

“There is time for s*x and time for football, but if you mix the two you will never reach the top,”