Documentary Crew Discover Sharks Attracted By Metal Music


Sharks are attracted to death metal music, claims a documentary film crew.

The crew made the discovery by blasting death metal through an underwater speaker.

The Discovery Channel crew were on the hunt for a large great white shark nicknamed ‘Joan of Shark’ while filming for a show Bride of Jaws, and desperate to feature the 16-foot long shark in their documentary, they submerged a speaker to see if the shark would react.

The crew however didn’t attract Joan, but did eventually catch the attention of two others.

Sharks apparently ‘hear’ by picking up vibrations from receptors on their bodies, meaning they can be attracted to the low-frequency vibrations of heavy music, which apparently sounds like struggling fish.

This tactic has been known by shark hunters.

According to a shark tour operator in Australia, Matt Walller,  records of metal band AC/DC caused sharks to change their behaviour.

He said when he played the tunes from underwater speakers, the sharks swam straight up to his boat, brushing their heads against the submerged diving cage.

Scientist are now considering using music, instead of bait, to lure sharks as it seems more environmentally friendly.