Trump not ideal candidate – Colorado College Republicans

Coordinator of Colorado Federation of College Republicans Morris Sparkman has said his group failed to endorse the Republican nominee in the US November polls, Donald Trump, because the candidate does not fit their ideal presidential candidate.

He said the group thought endorsing the candidate could wreck the unity of the party on campus. He said though the group reckons their failure to endorse their party’s candidate could hurt his chances, the group preferred to stay together.

He said the group does not support the candidate’s proposals on immigration and proposals to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.

“I think it is crazy for the candidate (Trump) to consider building a wall between his country and the southern neighbour is untenable”, he said.

Sparkman, who is also the regional coordinator of the Western States of the Federation was answering questions from journalists from 23 countries at the University of Denver in Colorado. He said as leader of the group, he thought the way to maintain the integrity of the group was by not openly supporting Trump.

“Not all of us support him and that is the nature of this particular election. There are many Republicans who have openly opposed his candidacy and we won’t be the only ones who failed to endorse him”, he said.

The stance of the Colorado Federation runs counter to their contemporaries in Virginia, who defied College rules to endorse Trump. College Republicans at Virginia failed to defend the decision for its endorsement of Trump, except to state that it was the group’s decision.

EIB sources indicated that the College Republicans on the University of Virginia campus is divided since the endorsement of the Republican Nominee.

A leading member of the Virginia college republicans who interns for the Tom Garret campaign, Ryan Fella said their candidate supports ending illegal immigration.

“Anyone who works for this campaign supports Tom Garret and Tom Garret supports Donald Trump. The biggest issue everyone is talking about is ending illegal immigration and Garret supports Trump’s programme there of”, he said.

The group said its decision to endorse their party’s nominee in the November elections was based on a close votes of 67 to 63. Some members of the group who interacted with the visiting journalists openly declared that they won’t vote for their party’s candidate.

They justified their position with Trump’s failure to endorse past candidates of the party, such as Paul Ryan and John MacCain.

Source: Ghana/ Gomez-Mensah, USA

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