Beta Malt’s ‘On the Go’: Fun- packed, fascinating, interactive

One of my favourite television shows at the end of a long Thursday evening is “Good evening Ghana”. However, a decision to switch from the routine political stuff which I mostly frequent saw me land at an entirely different territory.

Beta Malt’s “On the Go”, a 15 minute show hosted by Citi FM’s Jessica Opare-Saforo, is a perfect relief from the ever raging political talk shows I am used to.

Beta Malt’s “On the Go” has become the perfect substitute for relaxation. Each 15 minute episode is fun- packed, fascinating and interactive.

The show’s host, Jessica, is out at different locations arbitrarily engaging ordinary and celebrity Ghanaians on their work with fun and excitement which climaxes with an offer of nourishment “on the go”.


For a while, I thought I had found an escape route from politics, but this thought was short lived when on the show someone was asked to sing his favourite song. The response from the man was mind boggling. Until then, I never knew “JM Toaso” had found it way onto the billboard music charts.

Not only do I find the show attention-grabbing, the quality of the production coupled with its appealing content leaves me with no option than to justify my unending love for a show that gets me relaxed.

Catch the fun on Beta Malt’s “On the Go” television show which airs on Saturdays at 10am on TV3, 4syte TV and 8:30pm on GH1 TV and on VIASAT 1 TV on Mondays at 9:00am.