10 Weird Things Your v**ina Wants You To Know


Being sexually healthy begins with understanding your body, and a lot of us know far too little about what’s going on downstairs. Sure, we know where babies come from. We also know how to have s*x, and how to give and receive pleasure. Hopefully, that much is true.

But beyond that, there’s a whole lot going on inside us that remains a mystery. There’s a whole lot we should know, this stuff is important, and can make a big difference in how you live your life and know your own body.


1. Your v**ina becomes thinner after menopause.

This change can be a cause for pain with intercourse.

2. Your v**ina is colonized with “good” and “bad” bacteria.

A “normal” v**ina will ordinarily be colonized by more “good” than “bad” bacteria, and this can be estimated by the whether or not the v**ina is acidic or basic. Remember: the v**ina is a self-cleaning oven. Douching can promote the wrong bacteria. Urinary tract infection risk also appears to relate to the kind of bacteria colonized in the v**ina.

3. Your v**ina can fall out.

It is true the v**ina can lose support over time and even manage to fall outside of the hymen (a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse).

4. Your v**ina and your vulva are NOT the same things.

The v**ina is the fibromuscular tube that extends from the hymen to the cervix. The vulva is encompassed all the parts outside of the hymen to include the labia, cli**ris, etc.

5. The G-spot definitely exists.

The G-spot feels like a walnut and is located just inside of the v**ina on the anterior wall. It’s there.

6. Your v**ina can expand up to 200 percent (!!!!) during s*x.

The v**ina has muscular ridges called rugae inside of it. These ridges expand (just like a man-hood) during s*x up to 200 percent.

7. Your v**ina needs exercise.

The more you exercise her, the better she works. Kegels — clenching and releasing —makes your v**ina strong.

8. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes.

All vaginas are NOT made equally. Some are deep; some are shallow. Even the vulva can be different.

9. You can “train” your v**ina to go back to normal after childbirth.

10. NEVER rush your v**ina into having s*x after having a baby.

If you have s*x before it’s time, you may rip your stitches or put yourself at risk of infection. You also should wait for your doctor’s permission after a C-section. A C-section is a major surgery; your body needs time to heal from that too