IT resources that build employee efficiency Pt.2 [Article]

Digital technology is becoming the differentiator in employee efficiency & business performance in the 21st century. Employees with more knowledge of the digital world will outperform employees with less knowledge of digital technology in the coming years.

A statement published on Fortune.Com said, “Being tech savvy has become a requirement, and it means being able to program, code, design and truly understand how technologies scale”. In this piece I’ll highlight how Application software (Apps) can help employees to boost efficiency in the workplace.

The Application Software (Apps)

An application also known as ‘an App’ is any software that helps you to undertake an activity which would otherwise be done manually. A basic example of such application is MS Word which helps to process word documents quickly and easily. Another is a typical email client that helps to transfer files/documents from one location to the other irrespective of the distance. Now there are mobile Apps which even make life a lot easier than you can imagine. Consider riding in your car and you have your mobile phone read a bunch of documents to you using the Natural Reader Application.

Examples of some modern Application software include CRMs, SAP, Google Chrome, Skype, SoundCloud, Spotify, Uber, Photoshop, etc. which are made to perform specific tasks.

Digital technology is a lifestyle that businesses must consciously imbibe in the attitudes of their employees. Businesses who have more employees inclined to technology and its several Apps will get more jobs done quickly and easily.

Employers are reminded to make conscious efforts to include more IT trainings in the year’s L&D calendar and also encourage free online learning among their employees.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson recently said, “Employees should spend five to ten hours a week on online learning endeavors, lest they render themselves obsolete with technology.”

Irrespective of your career aspirations or your business demands, you will need a certain kind of Application software to enhance your work be it human resource management, marketing, customer service management, finance accounting, sales management, technology operations, etc.

Written By: Alex Offei Lartey

Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant