Claims by Ghana Gas works are flawed – Alfred Ogbarmey

The Ghana Gas Company Limited has described as flawed, claims by workers of the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant over poor conditions of service.

Though the company admits some of the concerns of the workers are genuine, majority of the issues raised against the management are illegitimate.

“I have heard some if the issues that they’ve raised and I think that some of them are flawed,” Corporate Communications Manager at Ghana Gas, Alfred Ogbarmey stated.

According to him, the concerns on working conditions are not legitimate since in his view, workers of Ghana Gas enjoy one of the best working conditions in the country.

“So far as I know, I think they are working with the best of conditions in the country, unless I get to know of the specifics being raised,” he added.

Workers at the Atuabo gas processing plant of the Ghana Gas on Friday, August 26, demonstrated against what they described as poor working conditions.

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They also demanded management to reconsider its decision to allegedly hand over the maintenance of pipelines to the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST).

The Chairman of the workers union at Atuabo, Richard Alamu explained,“We are demonstrating against the systems that we find ourselves in; issues bordering on learning and development, remuneration of the ordinary employee of Ghana Gas as well as things that we need to work with.”

But reacting to the concerns by the workers, Alfred Ogbarmey questioned the basis for the strike by the workers despite they being aware of the various measure management has initiated to get some of the issues addressed.

“This demonstration occurred with the disapproval of the national union… The CPEs were acquired long ago. Based on our operations, we decided that we have to upgrade the quality of those CPE’s and that process is ongoing I mean it’s a procurement process,”

“Besides it’s also an issue of money; there is no doubt that we have issues of resource challenges at the company. But again several meetings have been held to address such concerns,” Alfred Ogbarmey added.

For instance, “a roadmap for ensuring a retirement of VRA indebtedness was put out to them so they are aware of all developments,” he said.

Though the communications manager would not readily explain which of the concerns by the workers are legitimate, the maintained that the aggrieved workers must nonetheless, act in good faith.

“I support unions because unions have an effect especially when they are credible. They help sometimes to get management to sit up; except that when a union does not act in good faith and they lack credibility, they create a problem and that is the situation we find the current union in, Mr. Ogbarmey stressed.

Workers vow to push for legitimate demands

Citi Business News understands Friday’s demonstration was met with the presence of heavy security personnel who prevented the aggrieved workers entry into the premises of the company.

According to Richard Alamu, they will not be discouraged by the development and press on until their issues are met and settled amicably by the authorities.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/